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RTC’s Internet Age Business Management Solutions/Products

RTC is a leading provider of “Internet Age” office assistance and management solutions and systems, designed and developed very specially to meet the diverse needs of small and medium sized organizations.

We understand that each customer has a unique way of doing business…

That’s why we take the time to analyze your business methods and management processes, and supply the best combination of Customized Off-the-shelf Products and Outsourced Solutions. Our business goal is to provide the right set of solutions for you, the unique customer.

The Range Of Solutions/Products
RTC has developed a wide range of solutions/products for various functional areas of your business – like recruitment, customer management, enquiry management, training programs, mailing list management, etc.

These solutions and products offer great benefits in terms of increased efficiency and productivity, savings in infra-structure costs, huge savings in man-power costs, all resulting in best utilization of your resources, and thus very high levels of return on investment.

eRecruiter, one of RTC’s top-of-the-line solutions, is a complete solution for all your recruitment needs, and is 100% paper-free. It covers its cost almost as soon as you implement and use it, and you save a major part of the costs of recruitment, for all times to come, in all subsequent uses.

OnLine Enquiry Management Program
The OnLine Enquiry Management Program is another one of RTC’s top-of-the-line solutions and is 100% paper-free. It covers its cost almost as soon as you implement and use it. And, it enables you to stay in touch with your customers and keep them satisfied in a way and to an extent that has never happened before.

The OnLine Enquiry Program enables you to service requests from your prospective, potential and existing customers, on a true 24 x 7 x 365 basis, a solution, which converts your website into a full-fledged Customer Service Center, where the customers can log their enquiries through an extremely user friendly menu-driven interface, and you can track them from anywhere, anytime.