Study in BC, Canada

Why study in British Columbia
Increasing number of international students are now choosing to study in British Columbia(BC) than any other province in Canada.

Cities in British Columbia regularly appear at the top of global rankings for livability and quality of life from sources as prestigious as The Economist. The universities are consistently among the top-ranked institutions in Canada, and our highly integrated education system is a global model for progressive, flexible education.

You will be joining over 100,000 students from across the globe studying at all levels in BC, by choosing to study in BC.

Top Reasons to Learn, Live and Play in BC

  • Superior education
    institutions and teachers in BC are ranked among the best in the world and BC is the only province in Canada with a provincial seal of quality for post-secondary education (Education Quality Assurance).
  • Extraordinary quality of life
    ith its cosmopolitan cities, lush rainforests, coastal waters and impressive mountains, BC is one of Canada’s most exciting and beautiful provinces. BC is a safe and peaceful place to live and study.
  • Friendly and diverse people
    The people of BC are friendly and welcoming. People from many cultures call BC their home, creating a diverse and vibrant society.
  • Mildest weather in Canada
    BC has the mildest climate in the country. Summer temperatures in the province’s interior region frequently surpass 30°C, while BC’s southern coastal region offers the mildest winter temperatures in all of Canada.