About Us

Real Time – A Different Approach!

is the manifestation of a philosophy…
that revolves around the axis of co-operative effort.

It is an action oriented approach towards the goal of satisfying the technical, commercial, professional, psychological, spiritual, emotional, and social needs of all who are involved in the co-operative effort.

We look at all business activity as an attempt by every participant to sincerely play his or her role in making things easier, simpler and beneficial for all concerned and involved. We are proud to claim that we have been successful in doing it this way, and have a lot of satisfied customers and associates.

All of us, including the customers and the associates, feel that it is the better way to go about the whole business of running the business. And we are sure that once you experience the difference in this approach, from the normal ways of doing business, you’ll find it difficult to go back…

At Real Time, we are completely focused on Making Things Easier for you.

Real Time has been around for almost two decades now, and all along these years, we have been helping and assisting our customers in making the right decisions – choosing the right computer hardware, computer software and applications for their work – whether in the office or at home, for work or for leisure.